G. Beau McFarland is an American stand-up comic, writer, actor, and Nutella-lover, originally from Southern California.



His ridiculous social-commentary (if you can call it that) and cathartic brand of stand-up comedy has earned him spots performing in clubs, theaters and venues all over the United States, and a little bit in Canada, the U.K., China and Thailand.

He has also performed for the troops in Seoul, South Korea, as well as on season 1 of Fox Network's Boom, and is a frequent contributor to Table Read the Podcast.

Writing Pen


Having gone through the hell of teaching English and creative writing at both the high school and college levels, Mr. McFarland has a deep love for writing scripts, sketches and comedic monologues. 

This in turn has allowed him to bamboozle his way into directing and performing sketch comedy, classic plays, short films and a web series, with some of the most talented people around.

Movie Clapboard


In his free time, Beau enjoys hanging out with his wonderfully understanding wife Andrea, writing while drinking gallons of craft beer, reading John Steinbeck, watching all five seasons of The Wire... over and over again, and weight-lifting (sure, why not?)

His greatest inspirations are Mark Twain, Saint Francis of Assisi, Bill Burr, and your Mom.